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Rozza came to India for love
RozzaRozza, Saif Ali Khan's ex-girlfriend found how to live happily in one's difficult time. She has grown up so much since the time she has been here in India. She says, "When you go through these phases, you think you have become weak but actually you are becoming stronger. And the sooner you realize your strength, the better. I have realized that it is up to you whether you want to be happy or sad. I have decided to be happy." Now, three F's rule her life - fashion, food and films. She adds, "I came to India for love, but now the whole focus had changed. I am still here for love, but now it is love for work and finding my own identity here in India. I am reading scripts these fays and two have caught my attention. You will hear about it soon." She had already worked with her yoga guru in a album.

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