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Salman Khan drove for 9 hours throughout the night to keep his commitments
Salman KhanThe very first day of shooting 'Marigold', Salman Khan had missed his flight. The director of the film Willard Carroll got confused about what would happen. He recalls, "If Salman didn't want to do something, he would be honest about it. What was even worse was that Salman's personal cell was not reachable. We had to begin shooting at 10 am." Salman flew to Delhi and then drove down for 9 hours throughout the night all the way to Khimsar to keep his professional commitments. Willard adds, "Everyone in the unit was stunned to see him at 7 am. The call time was for 10 am. Of course, he was tired and I requested him to rest the day. But he kept his promise and was there on time."

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