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Aamir Khan has turned into controversy’s favourite child
Aamir KhanAamir Khan has turned into controversy’s favourite child. Be it hurting Big B with his Black comments or the dramatic tension in his family involving the custody of his brother (Faisal), too many issues both in the professional and personal front seem to be bugging the star in the recent past. Perhaps, that’s why he insisted on not having questions regarding Gujarat and his brother when he agreed to an interview with CT. Even those questions that smelt remotely controversial were either avoided or branded as being ‘offensive’.

Take for instance, the question on whether he’d make a film on schizophrenia. Considering that Kolkata has watched Aparna Sen’s 15, Park Avenue dealing with a schizophrenic patient and Aamir himself has made a film on dyslexia and will be remaking Ghajini which explores short-term memory loss, one hadn’t anticipated him to consider it an ‘insensitive’ question. But then, artistes are known to be sensitive and all creative individuals are sensitised to see and feel about issues quite differently than what just meets the eye. Perhaps, this is also the reason that lifts them to levels others only can dream of taking flight to. Celebs or sportstars are not full-time social activists. There are other full-time social activists who follow-up on a cause. Each of us have our own calling and we need to get back to them when our professions demand,” explains Aamir, adding, “But it’s still very important to voice our opinion.”



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