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Aamir Khan speaks out post the release of TZP
Aamir KhanAamir Khan is relieved and relaxed after the release of his first directorial debut. What makes him feel so happy is, "all his day dreams came true". He is overwhelmed by the response to TZP . Aamir calls himself a day dreamer and thanks his fans for making all his dreams come true. He says, "I am so moved by the response, I am unable to express myself properly. I feel at a loss for words. I just want to thank all of you for such a heart warming reaction. And keep it going, it feels like I am breathing pure oxygen." He informs that the film is getting a standing ovation. TZP is receiving similar response which he got during Lagaan . He says, "Everyone is loving it - from parents, children, youth, teenagers, grandparents, people from different economic and social backgrounds, industry colleagues to taporis ." He further adds that the most interesting response that his team received is from the gatekeeper from one of the theatres, who said, "I really need to see the film. What is there in it that everyone is loving it so much?"

About what a first time director feels before the release of his film he says, "When a director thinks about his film before the release, he often goes through amazing highs and major lows. For a second we feel that the film is not going to connect with people, another we day dream that it will get into the blood stream of the audience like no film before. The response that I have got for my very first film is like a dream response. I couldn't have imagined a better response and all my day dreams have come true. Gladly all my pinching is in vain and I am still awake." According to the distribution team of PVR, TZP is headed to be the biggest grosser of the year. Aamir himself is in constant touch with distribution team and trade experts. Aamir reveals that he had two doubts before the release of TZP . He says "Will kids and teenagers like it? And will people want to see it more than once? For a film to become really huge and go into 'super duper' category these two points are of prime importance. I am happy and relieved to say that both these questions have been strongly answered in the affirmative. The youth love it, and repeat viewings began on day one itself!"



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