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Kareena is working with John
KareenaThe two are working together for the first time as part of a three-film deal that a production house has with Bebo. Kareena would have done the film irrespective of who is cast opposite her. If itís John, so be it. Sheís more interested in her role than the hero opposite her. However, it was the remuneration that reportedly made Kareena give her nod. Itís not only John that Kareena rubbed the wrong way. Bipasha Basu and she were reportedly involved in a cat-fight during the making of Ajnabee because the feisty Kapoor gal had called the Bong bombshell a kaali billi, a comment that didnít go down well with Bips. And the cold war only worsened after Kareena made that dig about John. So, one can only wonder how the chemistry between hot Kareena and cool John will work out. But with the promise of so much sizzle and fireworks on the sets, their chemistry might just set the screens ablaze!


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