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Once a Khiladi always a Khiladi, thatís Akshay Kumar for you
Akshay KumarThe actor known for his dare devil stunts, whether jumping from sky-scraper or hanging from a helicopter to rescue a damsel in distress, he has done it all. But in a role reversal for his forthcoming multi-starrer Welcome, Akshay is rescued by Katrina Kaif. In the film, Akshay jumps into the fire to save Katrina Kaif, but he gets so scared of the fire that he faints. Katrina then literally had to lift Akshay and get him out of the fire. Says producer Firoz Nadiadwala, ďAnees Bazmee, the director had conceived the particular hilarious scene. In fact, whilst shooting for the scene, we were apprehensive of Akshay jumping inside the fire since it was risky.

But Akshay insisted that he will do the scene himself and he jumped inside the fire. He even got his right hand burnt but he didnít tell us. We got to know about it once the shooting was over.Ē Now this is what we call a real hero.



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