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Akshaye Khanna is quite happy being single
Akshaye KhannaWhen somebody asked Akshaye Khanna, why he isn't involve in any controversy, he explains, "Call me boring, bit I can't handle negative situations. Even in my personal life, I can't bear to have bad feelings. I get very uncomfortable with negativity. Everything should be clear and on the table." He isn't looking for love, as he is quite happy being single. Besides his work (which he refers his hobby) he spent time at home and with very close friends. What's the reason behind this? Well, he says, "That's because I am happy being single. I am still young and want to enjoy my life my way. I don't thing being committed is the be all ad end all of life. Why do you have to be in a relationship all the time? I am not looking for love - if it happens, fine."

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