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Akshay Kumar posed a radio jockey and started interviewing Vidya Balan on the phone
Akshay Kumar-Vidya BalanOn the sets of 'Heyy Babyy' Akshay Kumar played a small prank on Vidya Balan, where Akki posed a radio jockey and started interviewing on the phone. Akki was so natural at it that Vidya couldn't see through it. A unit member informs, "Vidya got a call from a local radio channel asking for an interview. She obliged and the interview went on for a good 20 minutes or so. The interview had many questions about her debut film to Heyy Babyy to her career and her personal life. In fact, the radio jockey had a strong Punjabi accent, which took Vidya by surprised. However, the interview went on and on and Vidya replied to all the questions patiently. The RJ told Vidya that the interview would be aired in 15 minutes and that she should listen to it. Poor Vidya waited for the interview to come on air. When she discovered that it was a prank and everyone was laughing at her while she was waiting for the interview to air, she was very embarrassed."

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