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The latest buzz is Cristiano Ronaldo kissed Bipasha Basu
Bipasha BasuThe latest buzz is Portuguese soccer Cristiano Ronaldo kissed Bipasha Basu in Libson over weekend. Bips denies the rumor saying they were just dancing in a crowded disco. Ronaldo had leaned over to say something in her ear and somebody clicked them on cell phone. She said, "I don't need to explain my behavior. I'm a free spirited person. But I'm not footloose. It takes me a long time to become close to anyone. I'm certainly not some giddy-headed teenager who would get so carried away in Ronaldo's company hat I'd kiss him in public. My business manager Tanuja and dress designer Rocky S were present, would I be that dumb? There are far more discreet and private places to do such things. Even if I was single, I would not get carried away at my first meeting with a 22-year-old boy, not matter how big a celebrity he is, to misbehave with him in public." John Abraham is busy shooting for Nagesh Kukunoor's 'Aashayein' in Pondicherry. When he found the picture and news on while surfing the Net, he was shocked. It's sure that he was very embarrassed to face unit members and preferred to be alone.

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