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Hrithik Roshan expressed a desire to work with Anurag Basu
Hrithik RoshanAnurag Basu's 'Metro' has hit the box-office, so he is planning to make sequel, which will be titled 'Metro 2'. Earlier Hrithik Roshan expressed a desire to work with Anurag, that's why he decided to cast him in the sequel. He says, "We loved the idea of making a sequel to Metro. My writer Sanjeev Dutta and I are currently busy finalizing the script. Rest of the things will fall is place after that. Rakesh Roshan has seen 'Ganster' and 'Metro', and he loved both the films. He expressed Hrithik's wish to work with me once the script is ready and approved. Once the script is decided on, casting will get going." Ram Mirchandani, VP, UTV Motion Pictures confirms, "Metro 2 will start where Metro ended. We are currently thinking of various other locations for Metro 2. Mumbai is not the only metropolitan city, after all. Metro 2 can be situated in Delhi or even in London, for that matter. Anurag will obviously direct it as it is completely his baby and we intend to start the film after the casting is done." It will go on floors later this year.

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