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Rakhi Sawant would love to do an action film
Rakhi SawantRecently, Rakhi Sawant along with boyfriend Abhishek went for a premiere show of 'Die Hard 4.0'. When asked about the rating of the film, she gave it a five-star rating. "What more can I say? I am a die-hard fan of Bruce Willis, and there was no way I was going to miss this one. I had a shoot in Delhi the nest morning but made it a point to attend the late-bight premiere of this movie. And I wasn't disappointed. I have loved all previous ones. They've always been better than the previous ones. This one too is no exception. The best part about the film is its SFX and at every stage you get a jhatka. It's realistic and at the same time over the top. I'd love to do an action film like that - probably a movie directed by Sanjay Gupta, something like the Lara Croft kind of action. I have also loved all the Rocky films. I will tell everyone to watch this movie and not to miss out on it. After all is has the handsome Bruce Willis in it," expresses Rakhi. Hope Sanjay Gupta heard that.

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