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'Eastern Eye' voted Shah Rukh Khan 'Asia's Sexiest Man'
Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan had really worked hard for Om Kapoor's character in Om Shanti Om. Britain's most popular Asian weekly newspaper - 'Eastern Eye' voted him Asia's Sexiest Man. Bipasha Basu won the female version of this award. SRK came out on top in a survey where he was pitted against 49 other Asian hotties. When asked for his reaction, he says, "It is as Matt Damon said - it's the greatest ego booster for a father of two kids. Being called the sexiest man is truly shocking! I never thought I would hear this in my lifetime. My abs-felt thanks to the voters and no, I don't think I am sexy. Maybe that's what makes me sexy - not being conscious of what I look like. There can't be another reason. Though my friends in moments of weakness have said my eyes are nice."

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