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Sonali Kulkarni has lost oodles of weight
Sonali KulkarniSonali Kulkarni has lost oodles of weight and looks stunning these days. She reveals, "I looked sensuous even in those de-glamorized roles. I went for this transformation because I like to experiment and spring surprises. It keeps me going. But now I look even more stunning and I look am sure my fans will love my fresh look." She is a very passionate and romantic person at heart. The man she marries will be 'damn lucky' because she is basically a home bird. These days, men surround her. There are hundreds of men out there waiting to marry her. Right now she is basking in the success of her Marathi film 'Resturant'. 'Via Darjeeling', 'BBD' and 'Kaaaran' - all films starring her, are slated for release soon.

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