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Patels are waiting for their daughter Amisha will return

Amisha PatelThe Patel home in Peddar Road is still in sadness. Three years ago, actress Amisha Patel walked out on her parents Asha and Amit Patel after accusing them of mismanaging her funds. The Patels, however, blamed the man in Amisha’s life, filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, for turning her against them. Much dirty linen was laundered in public. And the Patel family crumbled and separated. Amisha and Vikram having parted ways, there is talk that the Patels may welcome back their estranged daughter. Is there hope for reconciliation? Her distraught mother reports that or the first time in years, Amisha texted her brother Ashmit on his birthday last Sunday. It must have been gnawing her and she is making a silent effort. The absence of Vikram in her life is a positive sign for us. She believes he wasn’t ready to commit to Amisha because his daughter disapproves of their relationship. Didn’t he think of this when he got involved said by Amisha’s mother Asha. She also told that the family has heard of the new man, Delhi-based businessman Kanaav Puri, in Amisha’s life, and is happy for her. The parents, naturally, have forgiven her the past, but are unwilling to comment what road their relationship will now take. But they need to time to forget all the things. They waited so long, let them wait for a little more time for everything to settle down.



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