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Saif Ali Khan is dead serious about Kareena

Kareena It appears that Saif Ali Khan is dead serious about Kareena and may pop the question any time. Everyone must have guessed it the day Saif said that positively he has tattooed her name. Itís on his forearm. And very visible to the world, on being asked about his new tattoo means of Kareenaís name. But though he still hasnít done so, friends of the couple say that Saifís never been more committed in a relationship. They say that marriage is definitely on the cards. A close friend of the two told that thereís a fierce and single-minded determination in Saif to make this relationship work for keeps. And, it isnít a defiant determination to disprove the cynics who say it wonít last. Saif doesnít give a damn about what people say. The friend further adds that earlier, after Rosa left, there were whispers of Saif being involved with various ladies. Saif doesnít like the image of a Casanova at all. He thinks heís too grown up for it. He wants stability in his life and a relationship thatís for keeps. He believes he has found it in Kareena. Saif will make this relationship work. Now, Saif and Kareena are in Greece, shooting for Tashan. Apparently, both of them spend as much time together as possible. Lately, Kareena has also been seen in public with Saifís kids. All thatís left is for Saif to go down on one knee... Letís wait and watch when Chhote Nawab does that!



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