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Hrithik regrets rejecting Gowariker

HrithikAshutosh Gowariker had offered Swades to Hrithik first. However, Hrithik rejected his offer and the role was finally finely executed by Shah Rukh. Ashutosh however wasn’t bogged down by Hrithik’s previous rejection. As soon as he thought of casting an Akbar for his film... tall, athletic, good looking he only thought of our Roshan junior and this time around Hrithik accepted the role. However, not all has been hunky dory between the two was the news doing the rounds for the past few weeks. Hrithik hurt his knee while shooting for the film. The sword-fighting, elephant rides, wearing the heavy armour and accessories took a toll on his health. The good two years that the film took for its completion had also apparently annoyed the star.



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