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John good!

John AbrahamJohn Abraham is back from Goa, but minus any tan. He was there with girlfriend Bipasha Basu to usher in her birthday and, as he says, it was fun. It has been quite an action-packed week for this hunky actor. After he returned from Goa, he got to have dinner with Madonna herself.It was a private affair and a very chilled-out one. In fact, He went there wearing a simple tee and blue jeans, he gushes, looking every bit in awe of the down-to-earth singer. But buzz suggests that there is more in store.

If not personally, professionally 2008 seems to be the year of new beginnings. Johnny boy is working with Kareena Kapoor, with whom he had a face-off sometime ago. He is acting with her. Honestly, he holds no grudges against anyone ever. He has just come to the industry to work and do so in all humility, he signs off.



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