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Madhur Bhandarkar finds his gay for fashion...Harsh Chhaya

Harsh ChhayaHarsh Chhaya is to play a gay fashion designer in Madhur Bhandarkar's upcoming Fashion. Harsh who is known to be an actor who experiments with all types of roles will be seen for the first time playing a completely new character from what we have been seeing of them. Interestingly we hear Harsh was not the first choice for the role as he was considered an actor of too serious an image but Harsh was too interested in the role to let go off it so easily and took big efforts into getting it too. Apparently he bought a wig, a few clothes that he thought would be appropriate for a certain look, .a bit of make up, even plucked his eyebrows in shape and then shot himself on a video camera, edited the five minute piece and came up with a DVD along with some stills and presented it to Madhur and voila! , within couple of days the role was his! Well harsh is one versatile actor for sure!



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