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Parents react on Amisha's break up with Vikram Bhatt

AmishaAfter she started living-in with Vikram Bhatt, Amisha Patel had publicly severed all relations with her mother Asha and father Amit. But now that she has split with Vikram (they called off their relationship, one month back), Asha and Amit are ready to accept her back, if Amisha decides to return. When contacted, Asha tells us that Amisha is my daughter and she is free to comeback. In fact, she is more than welcome.

However, for Amisha’s mom, Asha, it is still a sensitive issue. She has still not called up Amisha. Asha adds that she got to know of Amisha’s break-up from the newspapers. We didn’t know that she had split with Vikram. We have just returned from Dubai and have read about it now. The concerned mother makes no bones about the fact that her relatives and family-friends are relieved about the break-up. She revealsthat she has been flooded with calls ever since she landed. Everybody is happy about the break-up. Naturally, Asha still does not think highly of Vikram Bhatt. Talking further about Amisha and Vikram, Asha said that she always knew that the relationship would not last. Everybody knew it was a mistake. It should be recalled that Vikram left his first wife for Sushmita Sen. People used to ask me why Amisha was doing this. But she is a grown-up girl and I have left it to her to understand life. Amisha’s relations with her parents had turned sour a few years back over monetary issues when she had complained that her parents had misappropriated her funds. She had served a legal notice on her parents asking them to return her money.



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