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Rakhi sells, Bipasha pales in comparison

Rakhi SawantWe are all aware of Rakhi Sawant’s resounding popularity among the masses if not the classes, but never expected her to be preferred over Bipasha Basu! However, Rakhi has a knack of surprising us many times and that’s precisely what she has done all over again!

To set the record straight, both Rakhi Sawant and Bipasha Basu have confirmed to perform at five star hotels in Mumbai on 31st. Bipasha Basu will be performing at JW Marriott, Juhu while Rakhi Sawant at Tulip Star, Juhu.

However, JW Marriott is allegedly going through a crisis as the tickets for Bipasha’s big night at the Lotus Café in JW, are yet to be sold out! The hotel was also in for a painful surprise when they found out that the tickets for ‘item girl’ Rakhi Sawant’s performance at Tulip Star have almost sold out and that the demand for those tickets are much more even when they are more expensive! Bipasha has apparently charged a whopping Rs 90 Lakhs for her show while Rakhi has charged close to 55 Lakhs.



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