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She sounds a tad exhausted after a dayís shooting in Ahmedabad

Seema BiswasSeema Biswas up is talking about the film sheís shooting for. "Itís called Patang," she informs us. She says that the title refers to the kite festival in Gujarat and the story is about a poor Gujarati family that is forced to stay in an old heritage building.From family drama to a sports film (Chandan Aroraís Striker), in which she plays south actor Siddharthís mother, and then a nanny in Deepa Mehtaís Stella, Seema will be seen in a range of roles this year. Itís her role in the latter thatís being most talked about as itís her first attempt at comedy. Says Seema, "From the end of February, sheíll start shooting for Stella, which will be directed by Deepa and her brother Dilip. A lot of directors feel I have good comic timing. But Iím mostly offered roles that are either very depressing or serious and grave. Deepa has cast me in a comic role, but thereís nothing over the top about it.While most actors would give everything to work in a Deepa Mehta project, Seema effortlessly become a permanent fixture in the camp. After Water, sheís not just bagged Stella, but also Komagata Maru (Exclusion), a film about the plight of 300 Indians who were denied entry to Canada on racial grounds. But, says Seema, "The film is on hold and I donít have the courage to ask Deepa the reason behind it." Meanwhile, Seema is all praise for the director.

The actress says sheís scared to look at herself on screen and hardly socialises. And she doesnít like being recognised in public at times. Thereís a hint of dismay when the topic of Bollywood still being appearance-driven is broached. Seema says, "Iím not beautiful and a story cannot revolve around me because of the way I look. Thatís the problem in India. But I feel a story is about human beings, not about how they look. Iím not bitter about that and have accepted it. I do whatever role is given to me. Iíd advise the present generation to work hard irrespective of their appearance. They should consider my case as an example." As for her personal life, which has always been an enigma, Seema says, "I wouldnít like to talk much about it. Iím alone and fine."



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