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The Sanjay Dutt - Sanjay Gupta war gets ugly

It's stale news that actor Sanjay Dutt moved out of Sanjay Gupta's production house White Feather Films, however the actor has now formed a production house of his own called Sanjay Dutt Productions. Dutt had maintained that though he'll continue to be a part of Gupta's films, it'll be only in the capacity of an actor. It can be remembered that Sanjay Dutt was part of Alibaug and during the shoot of the film was put behind bars. For the ball to keep rolling, director Hansal Mehta approached Vishwajeet Pradhan to play Sanju's body double. Vishwajeet was never asked to replace Sanjay Dutt. And Pradhan who is a good friend of Dutt politely declined the role.

Sanju was then granted bail. And for some reason in trying to justify Gupta's approaching Pradhan, Vishwajeet has been made the villain of the non-issue. When we called him up to ask him what actually happened, this is what he had to say: "After Sanjay Dutt got arrested, I got a call from Hansal Mehta. He told me he needs to meet me for some urgent work. I was excited because I thought it was some role he was going to offer me. Instead he requested me to meet Sanjay Gupta who wanted that I play Dutt's double in the film. I've never said that I was approached to replace Sanju, who is a great friend of mine and has also helped me immensely in my career. "I declined the offer to be Sanjay's body double. My system wouldn't allow me to do that. Once Sanjay Dutt was out on bail, Gupta now has got on the defensive and is making me look as the villain of it all, when I have nothing to do with Alibaug. He is using his power and money to clean his face, and save his friendship with Dutt. "And in this effort of Gupta trying to regain his position, I'm being used as the duster. He's making it look like it was me who gave misleading quotes. I've never said that I was replacing Dutt. He took that in writing from me, and has had it published in all trade magazines. What is the use of all that? I've enjoyed an untarnished image till now, directors I've worked with before are keen to work with me again, and it's so unfair to put me unjustifiably so in bad light just to regain a lost position. And that's exactly what Gupta is doing to get into Dutt's good books all over again."



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