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Twist In The Tale Of Karisma’s Marriage With Delhi-Based Industrialist Sanjay Kapur...

KarismaIt is heard from insiders that there’s a twist in the tale of Karisma’s marriage with Delhi-based industrialist Sanjay Kapur. Although Karisma and Sanjay seem to have worked out their marriage, we heard that Sanjay can’t get along with mum-in-law Babita. This is surprising, considering Sanjay’s mother and Babita are close friends. The story goes that Karisma came to Mumbai for the delivery of her baby in 2005 and stayed with her mother (Babita) and sister (Kareena) in Babita’s flat at Hill Road, Bandra. However, about six months ago, she bought a flat of her own in Mayflower building opposite Olive in Bandra and moved there. According to our well-placed source, the reason behind the move was that her husband Sanjay couldn’t get along with her mother, and so didn’t want to visit his family at Babita’s place. Yet he wanted to have some time alone both with Karisma and his daughter Samaira. So he asked her to set up house separately in Mumbai.

Karisma, says that, had no choice but to move out of Babita’s flat to allow Sanjay to spend some quality time with Samaira. Sanjay and Babita hardly talk to each other. However, after Karisma shifted to Mayflower, Sanjay started visiting her once a fortnight. He generally comes over on alternate weekends.They visited Mayflower building last Saturday to confirm that Karisma was indeed staying with Samaira at Mayflower, and that Babita and Kareena were not staying with her. The watchman on duty at the building told us that Karisma, Sanjay and Samaira form a happy family on weekends. He said that Randhir Kapoor, Babita, Kareena and Sanjay visit Karisma, but none of them stay here permanently. Sanjay stays here for about two days whenever he is here, and He saw Karisma, Samaira and Sanjay going out together.



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