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When Amrita Rao visited a striptease club...

Amrita RaoOne of the most decent and homely girls around in Bolly town, Amrita Rao is one of the few actresses who has always maintained her dignity about herself when she is working on the sets and otherwise too. But everyone has moments in their lives when they allow that crazy instinct get over the sanity in them. And Amrita too was not any different when she went for an ad film shoot that was held in Sydney, Australia.

This was before she made her presence felt in the modeling world. Mostly accompanied by her Mom wherever she goes, this time the actress had another female model who was a friend for company and also a guy from the modeling agency. Amrita was sharing her room with this model friend and both had completed the shoot on the last day and were all set to take the 7 am early morning flight the next day. Amrita’s roommate was least interested to catch a wink and so tagged the actress along in the dead of the night for an outing. Amrita agreed for the only fact that it was impossible for her to sleep alone all by herself. Sydney is known to be a happening place by night and so at 3 am early morning the twain ventured out to check on a few bars. After walking down a few blocks, the two found themselves entering a female striptease bar. Amrita realized the very instant that she was underage and not qualified to enter the bar yet 10 dollars was all it took to get herself inside. And after witnessing the scenes within, Amrita promised herself that it would be her first and final experience of the sort. Along with her roommate, she literally for the first time saw women stripping from top to bottom. If that wasn’t enough the women also went on to perform nude pole dances. The whole scenario did not in the least way appeal to Amrita as she and her friend were the only girls in that room apart from the guy from the modeling agency. She was so taken aback with the whole experience that she was sure she did not want to be seeing the same kind of scenes ever again.



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