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 Hindi Movie : Traffic Signal
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» Hindi Movie : Movie Preview : Traffic Signal
Starring: Konkona Sen Sharma,Kunal Khemu,Neetu Chandra
Director: Madhur Bhandarkar
Music: Raju Singh,Shamir Tandon
Producer: Baldev Pushkarna, Kavita Pushkarna
Written by:
Cinematography: Mahesh Limaye

Traffic Signal
Traffic Signal is a forthcoming Bollywood film starring Kunal Khemu, Konkona Sen Sharma and Neetu Chandra.

Silsila (Kunal Khemu) a young orphan, who was born and who took his first tiny step at the signal is now its manager. For him the Signal is his workplace and a home where he lived. He's a sensitive soul with a heart of gold who considers the people like his family. He loves all those working at the signal, which in a way is his family but would spare nobody when it comes to business. He has a mentor, named Jaffar, who also is the collector of his region. Both he and Jaffar work for the local Mafioso, Haji and would even lay down their lives for him. Inherent in the social structure, lies a nexus between the local Mafia and Politicians, though at that level Silsila is almost nonexistent. Yet by a force of circumstance Silsila gets drawn into the bigger game and finds himself to be responsible for the annihilation of his own world, something to which he's dedicated his life.

Silsila is in love with a young girl (Neetu Chandra) who owns a small embroidery business in the city. An engineer with honest values arrives to prevent a flyover from being constructed. Silsila is then asked by Haji to eliminate him.

Silsila agrees and finishes him off only to realize that the builder and politician plan to displace the street children. Now with the help of the children, Silsila takes on the corrupt system. His deeds are irreversible and he would most certainly not be able to get things back to normal.


  • Kunal Khemu as...... Silsila
  • Konkona Sen Sharma as...... Noorie
  • Neetu Chandra as...... Rani
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