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 Hindi Movie : Chingari
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Chingari
Starring: Sushmita Sen, Anuj Sawhney, Mithun Chakraborty
Director: Kalpana Lajmi
Music: Adesh Shrivastava


CHINGAARI is set in Rangpur, a far and forgotten village in rural India. Lalbatti, a red light den, is the place where night queens crawl out of the dark rooms to make a man's day. Basanti [Sushmita Sen] is a prostitute, who sells her body but not her soul. Chandan [Anuj Sawhney] is a postman, who along with letters delivers his heart to Basanti. After nights of lust, Basanti finally finds love. Bhuvan Panda [Mithun Chakraborty] is a demon trapped in a man's body. He's less of a priest, more of a beast. Villagers worship as well as fear him. Wicked as wolf and poisonous as snake, Bhuvan extorts money, sex and power.The story takes a turn when Bhuvan gets to know that Basanti and Chandan are in love. Bhuvan eliminates Chandan, thus crushing Basanti's pride.

In the intermission, there were 20 women in the washroom discussing the same things -- the lack of a commercially viable story, the film's inability to hold the audience and how they were utterly disappointed and bored with what they saw in the first half.

Director Kalpana Lajmi attempts an issue pertaining to womenfolk yet again. Like DAMAN tackled issues troubling women, CHINGAARI travels a similar path, with the woman seeking justice in the end. To give credit where it's due, CHINGAARI has some brilliant sequences and topnotch performances.

Kalpana Lajmi is a director who hardly needs an introduction. Though her last flick 'Kyon' came and disappeared before anyone could ask 'Kyon?', her upcoming flick 'Chingaari' may have a better outing at the box office due to the presence of Sushmita Sen who plays the central character of a prostitute. The movie also stars Mithun Chakraborty along with Anuj Sawhney and is a Vikas Sahni production. Aadesh Srivastava, who has become quite selective off late, returns to compose for this movie and one expects some situational tracks in the album that has lyrics by Sameer.

Sush takes giant strides with CHINGAARI. An award-worthy performance, Sush's expressive face speaks volumes. The outburst sequence in the second half is stupendous.

Mithun Chakraborty is in form after a long, long time. The actor gets a role he can sink his teeth into and comes out with flying colors. Anuj Sawhney is highly competent. He matches up to Sush and Mithun at every step. Ila Arun in first-rate. Anjan Srivastav and Ravi Gosai are adequate.

On the whole, Chingari - Watch her banging the dhol and you'll know what I mean.

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