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 Hindi Movie : Chup Chup Ke
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Chup Chup Ke
Starring: Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Rajpal Yadav, Neha Dhupia, Sushma Reddy, Shakti Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Om Puri
Director: Priyadarshan
Producer: Ronnie Screewala

Chup Chup Ke

Directed by Priyadarshan and starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur, the movie is a feel-good romantic comedy of errors and mistaken identities: The story revolves around Shahid Kapoor an unlucky but good hearted young man, who finds himself faking his own death to escape his various creditors and free his family from disgrace. Shahid ends up not dead but in another town being forced to assume another identity as a mute to avoid too many questions. His love interest is Kareena Kapoor, who plays a mute by birth in the film. Shahid is trapped in a false identity and lands from one scrape into another as he tries to hide his secret in this romantic family comedy.

Jeetu [Shahid Kapoor] is a small-town guy who is constantly in debt and dodging creditors and moneylenders. His father [Anupam Kher], a retired school teacher, and his fiancée Pooja [Sushma Reddy] are made to suffer the consequences of his instability and his debts. Pooja's father [Manoj Joshi] also feels that Jeetu is not worthy of Pooja and encourages her to marry someone else, which she doesn't agree to.

Jeetu tries to commit suicide by jumping in the sea, so that his family gets to claim his insurance and pay off his debts. But Jeetu is found entangled in fishing nets by a pair of fishermen, Gundya [Paresh Rawal] and Bandya [Rajpal Yadav], at an altogether new destination: Kolkata.

Gundya owes money to Prabhat Singh [Om Puri], a shrewd Gujarati businessman. On discovering Jeetu caught like a mermaid in their nets, Gundya and Bandya discover a note in Jeetu's pocket that leads them to assume that he is a millionaire. Later, Gundya keeps Jeetu and Bandya at Prabhat Singh's palatial home in exchange for the money that he owes. All this while, Jeetu pretends to be deaf-mute. Complications develop when Prabhat Singh's niece Shruti [Kareena Kapoor] also turns out to be mute, not deaf. Her over-protective elder brother, Mangal [Suniel Shetty], has fixed her marriage to an affluent businessman in Gujarat. Jeetu's secret is revealed one night when Shruti and her cousin Meenakshi [Neha Dhupia] discover him singing. They agree to keep his secret, in return he is asked to play a part in getting a greedy bridegroom to cancel his marriage to Shruti. For this, he has to pretend to be Shruti's lover.

Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav's tremendous chemistry makes up for Shahid and Kareena's lack of the same. The perfectly timed duo keeps the picnic going with gusto. Neha Dhupia bags a meatier part. She utilises the opportunity to the fullest with pluck and confidence. Kareena looks a million bucks despite no make-up look all through.

On the whole, CHUP CHUP KE is yet another enjoyable joyride from Priyadarshan.

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