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 Hindi Movie : Holiday
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Holiday
Starring: Sujit Kumar, Pooja Bhatt, Dino Morea, Onjolee Nair, Gulshan Grover, Nauheed Cyrusi, Anahita Uberoi
Director: Pooja Bhatt
Music: Ranjeet Barot
Producer: Sujit Kumar, Pooja Bhatt


Holiday is the story of a family who goes to Goa on a vacation to unwind. When Dr. Daksh Suri (Gulshan Grover), his wife Nandini (Anahita Uberoi) and their two daughters ? Samara (Nauheed Cyrusi) and Muskaan (Onjolee Nair) embark on a month long vacation to Goa, none of them have a clue that this 'Holiday' will change their lives forever...Muskaan an ordinary girl who becomes extraordinary by simply following her heart... and by eventually learning to celebrate her ordinariness! It's the coming-of-age story of this ordinary girl.

Pooja Bhatt's direction is not as convincing this time. The talented actor turned director made more impact in her directorial debut [PAAP] than in her second outing [HOLIDAY]. One of the reasons could be the lackluster screenplay, which tends to get boring at regular intervals.

If there's one person who'd stand to benefit from HOLIDAY, it's Dino Morea. Known as a good looker until now, Dino climbs a few steps as an actor with this film. Sincere and convincing, this is his finest work to date.

Onjolee doesn't have the conventional Hindi film heroine looks. Even otherwise, she is plain ordinary when it comes to acting. But the one department she scores in is dances. Kashmira Shah is first-rate in a brief role. Nauheed Cyrusi is okay. Gulshan Grover is able. Anahita Uberoi is alright. Sanjit Bedi is proficient. Ankur Desai is adequate.

On the whole, salsa is great and some scenes just take your breath away. You might want to see this film just for the dancing.

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