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 Hindi Movie : Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Celina Jaitley, Hrishita Bhatt, Mahesh Manjrekar and Tiku Talsania
Director: Manish Sharma

Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride

Manish Sharma's movie 'Jawani Diwani' is a sub-standard flick that tries (in vain) to entertain through some really childish comedy mixed with dry romance and, of course, Celina Jaitley's bikini acts.

Mann [Emraan Hashmi], a wannabe singer, is a hardcore opportunist. He does not hesitate in 'choosing' Radha [Hrishitaa Bhatt] as his love interest for a purely selfish reason: Radha is the daughter of Umesh Jumani [Tiku Talsania], a music company owner.

An agreement for Mann's music album is signed and the marriage with the music baron's daughter is confirmed. It's time to celebrate and Mann heads for Goa with his two friends. But a one-night stand with the Goan beauty Roma [Celina Jaitley] lands him in trouble. He is forced to marry her by the underworld don Chappu Bhai [Mahesh Manjrekar], an admirer of Roma.

Roma respects the sanctity of marriage, but the marriage means a ruined career and shattered dreams for Mann. Only a miracle could get him out of this mess, is what he believes. Roma proves to be one. She frees Mann from the relationship. Mann flies to Mumbai where Radha and a shining career await him. Convincing Radha, who is genuinely in love with him, is not really difficult. But there's a twist in the tale again.

Emraan tries hard to infuse life in JAWANI DIWANI, but in vain. The actor is capable of much more, but even a sincere performance from him cannot uplift things. Celina shows improvement in dramatic sequences, but needs to work on emotional ones. Hrishitaa doesn't get much scope. Mahesh Manjrekar just doesn't work. He hams throughout. Tiku Talsania is loud. Shehzad Khan does a takeoff on Anu Malik well.

Jawani Diwani' is Emraan Hashmi's one-off flick that doesn't seem to be on the path of a best seller score. In the end, it is just the title song and 'Sini Ne' that stay with you. The director surely did not want the audience to leave the hall during the first half. So he packed the chunk of the songs in the second half. Not that there is much to see in the first half, mind you.

On the whole, Jawani Diwani - A Youthful Joyride - this is a complete waste of time, money and patience.

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