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 Hindi Movie : Pyare Mohan
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Pyare Mohan
Starring: Vivek Oberoi,Fardeen Khan,Sajid Khan,Boman Irani,Esha Deol,Amrita Rao,Adi Irani,Firoze Irani,Snehal Dhabi,Sanjay Mishra,Khursheed Lawyer,Balvinder Singh Suri,Shaleen Bhanot,Raj Kanojia,Dushyant Beel,Shakti Gadhvi,Firdaus Mewawala,Pushpender Saini
Director: Indra Kumar
Music: Anu Malik
Producer: Ashok Thakeria,Indra Kumar

Pyare Mohan

Pyare [Fardeen Khan] is blind, while Mohan [Vivek Oberoi] is deaf. An inseparable duo, the duo were stuntmen in a film company initially, but after having met with an accident on the sets of a film, Pyare loses his vision, while Mohan goes deaf. They now run a gift shop. The sole factor missing in their life is romance; both yearn for a girl-friend. But things change one morning when they accidentally run into two sisters, Preeti [Esha Deol] and Priya [Amrita Rao].

Pyare and Mohan start dreaming of a future with Preeti and Priya. But the sisters, while leaving for Bangkok for a concert, clear the misconception. They tell Pyare and Mohan in clear words that their being physically impaired goes against them. Also, they add, they've always considered them to be mere friends, nothing more.

When Pyare and Mohan learn of Preeti and Priya's imprisonment in India, they board the next available flight to Bangkok to rescue them. In the meanwhile, Tony is keen to eliminate Preeti and Priya since he wants to wipe off all clues and witnesses. He instructs his younger brother Tiny [Snehal Dabhi] to execute the task. The next 40 minutes of the film are devoted to Pyare and Mohan escaping with Preeti and Priya and facing the wrath of Tony. In the end, Preeti and Priya realize their folly and walk into Pyare and Mohan's arms.

Indra Kumar's penchant for farce has never been a secret. Here he goes for a toned-down funny beginning that finally ends with the characters running helter-skelter in Bangkok - a beautiful city otherwise, here reduced to looking like the crowded traffic-choked highways of Mumbai. Like they say you can only take Bollywood out of Mumbai. But you can't take Mumbai out of Bollywood.

Technically and musically, Pyare Mohan is as lame as its jokes. The set designs are cluttered and unattractively staged and the choice of outdoors (in Thailand) is devoid of detail and imagination. Thankfully, not too many of Anu Malik's mundane songs show up on screen and that is quite a relief. The soundtrack of Pyare Mohan has a couple of decent melodies. But, on the whole, it is not entertaining enough to hold the listener by the collar, oops, ear. The only actor who stands out is Fardeen Khan. Underplaying his part skillfully, his is the only performance that stays with you even after the film has ended. However, he needs to watch his weight. Also, he looks puffed up in several scenes. Vivek Oberoi hams big time. Even scenes that demand intensity lack fire. He runs through his part mechanically. The two girls, Esha and Amrita, have not much to do except wear three expressions all through

On the whole, Pyare Mohan is a poor show.

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