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 Hindi Movie : Tom Dick and Harry
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» Hindi Movies : Movie Review : Tom Dick and Harry
Starring: Dino Morea,Jimmy Shergill,Celina Jaitley,Anuj Sawhney,Gulshan Grover,Shakti Kapoor,Sanjay Mishra Aditya Lakhia,Javed Khan,Avtar Gill,Rakesh Bedi,Kunika,Kim Sharma
Director: Deepak Tijori
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Producer: Sudhir Kumar,Surendra Bhatia,Avinash Bhatia

Tom Dick and Harry

Deepak Tijoriís Tom Dick and Harry is much more. It is also inane, juvenile and totally without coherence. Scenes and songs appear randomly without any thought as to what might have come before and what will come after, thrown in because the director thought they had potential for comedy. They donít, and instead of adding to the laugh quotient, only make you want to burrow in your seat and go to sleep.

TOM DICK AND HARRY tells the escapades of three physically impaired people: Tom [Dino Morea] -- deaf, Dick [Anuj Sawhney] -- blind and Harry [Jimmy Shergill] -- dumb. They live together as paying guests and their lives takes an endearing turn when Celina [Celina Jaitley] comes to live in the bungalow opposite their house.

TOM DICK AND HARRY has a couple of enjoyable scenes, which do tickle your funny bone. The Rakesh Bedi-Kunika-condom track at the start of the film is hilarious. Gulshan Grover's introduction is another sequence which works well. Besides some scenes, what comes to the rescue at times, are the dialogues, which cater to the masses completely.

Director Deepak Tijori plays to the gallery this time. He has his fundas right: Make a hardcore timepass film. But his choice of the story and screenplay is what acts as a major turn-off. The music is the only saving grace and Himesh Reshammiya is on a winning streak yet again.

Of the cast, Dino Morea tries hard, but in vain. His timing is just not right. Jimmy Shergill doesn't deliver either. And why is he looking pale at most times? Anuj Sawhney is excellent and is the best performer in the crowd. He's a complete natural. Celina is wasted. Kim Sharma will be loved by the commoners. Gulshan Grover is efficient as the weird don. Shehzad Khan gives an extremely good account of himself. Rakesh Bedi excels. Kunika is first-rate. Avtar Gill, Javed Khan and Shakti Kapoor are mechanical.

On the whole, Tom Dick and Harry is a stupid film, and an inexplicable production, it's mere merit being the fact that it's not grossly offensive.

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