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Actor Deepak Parashar ?cured? after drinking organic Mulshi Springs natural spring water

Date: 01/15/2012

Actor Deepak Parashar was out of action for the last two months. He had put on extra weight and was feeling tired and weak most of the time. Medical tests could not reveal any specific or particular ailment but the reports were “border line” in all the tests conducted. For the last one year, he was shooting almost every other day and consuming a lot of ‘outside’ food.

Says Deepak, “I was working out and exercising regularly, but in spite of heavy workouts and yoga, I was putting on weight. My energy levels had dropped and I was feeling ill. Tests by doctors couldn’t reveal much. It was as though I was struck by a mysterious, unknown ailment which began to get the better of me. One day I met my old friend Poonam Dasgupta – an actor who has done more than 170 films – and spoke to her about my mysterious ailment. Poonam’s husband Naveen Luthra sells a organic, completely natural water bottled as Mulshi Springs. Poonam explained to me that Mulshi Springs has medicinal properties as its over 1,50,000 years old, sourced from the Sahayadri mountain range where there has been no industrial or commercial farming activity for almost 6000 sq kilometres from the source of Mulshi. Poonam suggested that I only drink Mulshi Springs. I was sceptical at first, but Poonam sent me 3 cartons of the ‘special water’. I started drinking Mulshi Springs and in a fortnight was feeling a bit better. I asked Poonam for some more water and she promptly sent me more. After drinking only Mulshi Springs for two months, I am feeling much healthier. My weight gain has stopped and my energy levels are back again. I met my doctor and he promptly replied that Mulshi Springs is slightly alkaline in nature and is sourced from the Sahayadri Mountain which was formed due to volcanic activity millions of years ago. The water itself is about 1,50,000 years old,” he explained.

Now after over two months of constantly drinking only Mulshi Springs, Deepak has not only lost the extra weight he had gained but feels like a 40 year old despite his 60th birthday being round the corner. In fact Deepak is now ready to shoot a long stint with Balaji Telefilms for one of their forthcoming serials

We spoke to nutritionist Dr Dinesh Dedhia who said that Deepak’s ill health was probably due to high acidic levels in his body. When our body becomes even slightly acidic it leads to  toxic conditions which cause cardiovascular damage, including the constriction of blood vessels and the reduction of oxygen intake, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, bladder and kidney malfunction including kidney stones, immune deficiency, acceleration of free radical damage, possibly contributing to cancerous mutations, premature aging, osteoporosis, weak and brittle bones, hip fractures and bone spurs, joint pain, aching muscles and lactic acid build up, low energy and chronic fatigue. Mulshi Springs is naturally alkaline water with a pH of 7.8. No other Indian bottled water is closely as alkaline as Mulshi Springs. The highly detoxifying green tea in comparison has a pH of 8.0. We have a cup or two of green tea in a day whereas we normally have 2 litres of water a day. Deepak naturally detoxified himself with Mulshi Springs which has no chemical treatment and is the only water in India which is hundred per cent pesticide free. 

Says Kavita Mukhi, “Since Mulshi Springs natural spring water is 100 per cent natural and organic, its natural chemical composition is very beneficial for the body. It is as good as drinking green tea and its alkaline nature has a great detoxifying effect not to forget the anti-oxidant properties of Mulshi Springs. Kavita Mukhi has studied eco-nutrition and lymphlogy in the USA and pioneered the awareness of organic foods (Conscious Food) in India since 1990. Kavita Mukhi is also a naturalist farmer, using her years of experience to write, lecture and counsel on living in balance for the realization of human potential.

Several bollywood stars only trust Mulshi Springs for their daily quota of H2O.


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