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John Abraham And Bipasha Basu: Is It The Real Split This Time?

Date: 01/20/2011
John Abraham And Bipasha BasuJohn Abraham and Bipasha Basu are considered to be one of the hottest and constant couple in Bollywood. But they could not avoid the gossip mills and speculations like any other Bollywood couples. In fact, the duo has been often in the news for their alleged break up, which never happened.

However, the latest rumours suggest that the hot pair of Bollywood is now seriously separating their ways after dating each other for more than eight years. Bipasha has recently attended Hrithik Roshan’s birthday party without John. She reportedly wanted him to accompany her but the hot hunk gave it a miss.

The couple is also not seen together in any social events or endorsements unlike other hot couples, who prefer to attend such events together and endorse products also together. It seems the trouble has increased a lot between them and they are unable to patch up. In fact, the duo is avoiding facing each other at public places.

But, Bipasha denies such rumours saying that she has got used to it and they don’t bother to clarify on such petty issues. She adds that such rumours have been raised earlier also but they have much important thing to do in life rather than answering such queries about their relationship status. The 32-year old Bong beauty says that John is keeping busy with Vipul Shah’s film and she has been travelling for work so people can’t see them together.

Well, we hope this is yet another rumour and Bips and John are still a pair because the fans love their ‘Jodi’ both on-screen as well as off screen and they have set a very strong example of a stable relationship in Bollywood.


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