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Drona : Movie Preview

Date: 06/20/2008

DronaDrona is a 2008 Bollywood fantasy-action film starring Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Jaya Bachchan and Kay Kay Menon. The film was initially due to be released around December 2007 but due to a special effects procedure, the film is schedule to release on August 15, 2008 which is during the India Independence Day weekend.

Drona is the compelling modern tale of one man's spectacular voyage through the labyrinths of mystic myths and legendary legacies. As good and evil clash in this contemporary fantasy fable, a breathtaking journey beckons you into a world of mythic heroes and malicious magicians, of cunning curses and absolute innocence.

A world, where spells can turn live-flesh to cold stone. A world, whose whispers lay closely guarded in a land of mirages. A world thriving with thrills, a world of mystical magic, a world where adrenalin bursts out into a riot of colours. A world of audacious adventures, a world of fantastical folklores.

Drona is a slick, twenty first century tale that travels across continents but is profoundly and proudly Indian.

Abhishek Bachchan plays the title character in the film. Priyanka Chopra is enacting Abhishek Bachchan's bodyguard while Kay Kay Menon is acquiring a negative role. Menon's role was first offered to Shiney Ahuja who opted out saying he had date problems. Jaya Bachchan is also starring in the film. Parts of the film were shot in Prague, Czech Republic, Kuchman, Bikaner, Maharashtra, India and Namibia, Africa.

Shyam Kaushal was not the only fight director for Drona. Drona also had award-winning action coordinator Tom Delmar, who has worked on Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, and Londonbased swordmaster Richard Ryan, who trained Brad Pitt and Eric Bana for Troy, for fantasy adventure, Drona. Sword-based martial arts like Kalaripayat and Chhau will be featured in the film along with the Sikh martial arts Gatka. 

The music for Drona has been done by debutant music duo Dhruv-Ashu. Also Austrian band Bauchklang has been roped in for one of the tracks on the soundtrack. 




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