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Hulla - Movie Review

Date: 09/20/2008
hullaHulla, the film by debutant director Jaideep Varma, is an attempt to capture the travails of those living in an increasingly congested Mumbai and sometimes how something as insignificant as a whistle can cause turmoil in one's life.

Raj Puri (Sushant Singh), a broker and his marketing executive wife Abha (Kartika Devi Rane) move into their new house in Malad. Abha gets busy decorating the house according to Feng Shui as Raj excels at his job. Things are fine until Raj is disturbed at night by the whistle blowing watchman Matthew (Chandrachoor Karnik). He appeals to Janardhan (Rajat Kapoor), the secretary of the building who insists it is necessary for the security of the building. It seems he is making a mountain of a molehill because nobody else is bothered by the noise. He argues with secretary, bribes the watchman and even complaints to the police, but all his plans backfire. Irritated by the lack of sleep, he becomes obsessed with fighting against the whistle blowing and suffers major losses, personally and professionally.

This two-hour flick, in a very punny sort of way, gives a quick peek into the lives of the Mumbaikers full of eccentricities and peculiar tensions. People are show doing their bit to scale up the economic-social ladder by buying a better car, bigger house and shifting closer south Mumbai.

Jaideep Varma has the makings of a fine storyteller, although he needs to brush up on technique. Both Sushant and Rajat enact their parts convincingly. It helps when you cast such competent actors. Kartikadevi Rane is efficient. Mandeep Mazumdar is perfect. Vrajesh Hirjee is natural. Darshan Jariwala throws that cold look most convincingly. The actor enacting the role of the security guard is excellent.

On the whole, HULLA has an entertaining movie.


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