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Movie Review : Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

Date: 03/06/2009

The title genuinely lives up to its expectation. The audience at some point of time does start thinking – Dhoondte Reh Jaoge.

The film kick starts with our short but loyal Anand Powar (Kunal Khemu), the chartered accountant who always chooses to follow the long-cut where on the other hand the world opts for the short-cut ways. He does feel proud about it, although cursing that because of his decision he is always looked down by others. His house is so small that if he tries to stretch himself, the vessels start crumbling down. His Bengali girlfriend, Neha (Soha Ali Khan) is unhappy about this and his mama, Dilip Joshi, a theatre director is frustrated with him.

On the other hand is Aryan (Sonu Sood), an overconfident superstar who intents to do films only with big directors. These are two ‘chapters’ but the biggest ‘chapter’ is Raj Chopra (Paresh Rawal), who is drowned in the sea of debts. He is a flop director who gave 10 consecutive flops in a row. Raj is smart; smart when it comes to fooling others. He drops the rickshaw and catches the other one, hence cutting down the cost. He goes to a posh restaurant and leaves the bill for others to pay. He wears his old shabby coat and secretly exchanges it with a new one from the showroom. Now his only way of escaping his debts is to do a movie with the star Aryan.

Aryan on the other hand ignores his offer thinking that who will contribute in making another flop at the box-office. At this point of time Raj meets Anand, who had some personal rivalry of fooling each other more than once. They together plan out a deadly concept which would fetch them a profit of 100 crores. Their only motive is to make the biggest flop of the century which will fetch them the profit and the sufferers will be the 10 financiers who will be unaware of each others contribution in the movie.

They start their own company called ‘Raj Anand’ and money starts flowing in. Finally, Aryan agrees to star in the movie along with Neha (Soha) as the lead. The extra friendship and bonding between them makes Anand jealous. If one wants to make a big flop who else will they contact than Pervez Asaraff’ (Johnny Lever), who is a big time devotee of Pakistan. Hearing the script Raj finalizes Pervez for a sum of rupees one thousand only. They start working on the movie.

The script prepared by Pervez is all copies of big hit films like DDLJ, Sholay, Lagaan and more. So by default the title of the film goes as ‘Solay se Lagaan Tak’. Raj and Anand decide that in the end there will be a cricket match in which team Pakistan will win and this will automatically make the film a big flop with tomatoes and potatoes flying over the screen.

Unfortunately that does not happen due to Aryan’s involvement, which again unfortunately Raj and Anand are unaware of. Dubai’s don’s involvement as a financier put them in deeper trouble when every financier comes to know that they are not the sole financier the film.

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge (DRJ) is a comedy film with amazing performance by each and every artist. But no doubt the show stealers are none other than Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever. Their stupendous acting with a spoon of masala comic timing make the audience laugh their hearts out. The movie is entertaining all throughout the first half. The second half of the film takes a rapid pace making things confusing and irritating. The sequence where the actors enact the scenes from Sholay, DDLJ, and Lagaan are a big turn off. Some of the dialogues are good enough, especially the ones delivered by Paresh and Johnny, but most of them doesn’t even get a smile on your face.

The music in the film is very satisfactory. Some of the songs are annoying, especially the ‘tapori song’. Sajid-Wajid has certainly not lived upto the expectation. A romantic song featuring Soha and Kunal has been removed which was much praised by the team.

Director, Umesh Shukla has done a decent job and has plotted everything very carefully. The major twists and turns in the movie are something to make a note of. Unfortunately the very spark in the film is missing which makes the movie a complete showdown. Anyways it was a good try by the director but he needs to keep his flaws in mind.

All in all the film is for the people who are wanderers and just want to spend their 3 hours in an air conditioner theatre or for people who watch a movie just for the heck of it. Yes, if one is a die hard fan of Paresh Rawal or Johnny Lever, they can certainly go for it.

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