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Movie Review: Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji- A New Venture At Stake

Date: 01/30/2011

Madhur Bhandarkar has moved out of the hard hitting films and tried his hands for a rFilm: Dil Toh Baccha hai Jiom-com Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji. The film revolves around the lives of three guys, Naren (Ajay Devgn), Abhay or Abby (Emraan Hashmi) and Milind (Omi Vaidya) and their tryst with love. Naren is a mild natured banker, heartbroken after separation from wife. Abby a gym instructor lives his life by flirting and on the riches of his girlfriends and finally Milind is still saving himself for his true love.

Bhandarkar has stated that the film is as real as his other flicks like Chadni Bar, Corporate and Jail. But with DTBHJ the director might have done away with the voyeurism, however, there are still some crass elements to it. So while one might feel it is a rom-com, don’t be taken aback when a replies like “Any way you like it” is thrown at the audience by a gay character when asked how is one doing?

There are some subtleties in the film and Naren’e character is the most layered one; Emraan fits the bill as the Casanonva guy but at times just over does it. However Tisca Chopra as a former supermodel is the least impressive one in spite of being a superb actress. On the other hand Shazahn is quite convincing as the ditzy 20 year old girl.

So as the audience it is advisable to keep one’s expectation low in spite of being a Bhandarkar movie. The film is clumsy and prolonged at times and lacks in having the flesh that other films by the director can boast of, hence the film gets an odd rating.


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